Monday, March 17, 2014

Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta RS WRC

The Ford Fiesta RS WRC is the World Rally Car built for the Ford World Rally Team by Ford and M-Sport for use in the 2011 World Rally Championship season. It is based upon the Ford Fiesta road car, and will replace the Ford Focus RS WRC, which has been competing in various versions since 1999. It is also built to the new World Rally Car regulations for 2011, which are based upon the existing Super 2000 regulations, but is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-litre engine (1.6 L turbo Ford EcoBoost engine[2]) rather than the normally aspirated 2-litre engine found in Super 2000 cars. M-Sport and Ford introduced a Super 2000 version of the Ford Fiesta at the beginning of 2010, which forms the base of the WRC car.

Stobart Ford World Rally Team drivers Matthew Wilson and Henning Solberg have carried out much of the development work on the car during 2010, with Per-Gunnar Andersson and M-Sport managing director and Ford team director Malcolm Wilson have also driven the car.

RRC version

Maciej Oleksowicz driving Ford Fiesta RRC at the 2012 Rally New Zealand.
In 2012, the RRC version of the Fiesta was launched to comply with the regional rally rules of the FIA; it is basically a Fiesta RS WRC, only with a S2000-specification rear wing, a slightly different front bumper and a 30mm restrictor instead of a 33mm one found in the WRC variant. The Fiestas with RRC specification can be converted to WRC specification in 6 hours.


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