Monday, December 23, 2013

Initial D, Mazda RX-7 FD3S.

Mazda RX-7 is a sports car produced by the Japanese automaker Mazda from 1978 to 2002. The original RX-7 featured a 1146 cc twin-rotor Wankel rotary engine and a front-midship, rear-wheel drive layout. The RX-7 replaced the RX-3 (both were sold in Japan as the Savanna) and later replaced all other Mazda rotary-engine cars except the Cosmo.

The original RX-7 was a sports car. The compact and lightweight Wankel engine (rotary engine) is situated slightly behind the front axle, a configuration marketed by Mazda as "front mid-engine". It was offered as a two-seat coupé, with optional "occasional" rear seats in Japan, Australia, the United States, and other parts of the world. These rear seats were initially marketed as a dealer-installed option for the North American markets.

Engine Name: 13B-REW
Engine: Twin-rotor rotary engine
Max power: 340/400 hp / 6500 rev / min (stock: 260-280hp)
Maximum torque: 32.9 kgm / 4000 rev / min
Displacement: 654 cc x2
Type: FR
Type: Twin Turbo with Intercooler
Length: 4280 mm
Height: 1230 mm
Width: 1760 mm
Weight: 1250 kg
Transmission: 5MT (5-speed manual gearbox)

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